Saturday, February 11, 2017


  Lingerie, that's what they say

  she was wearing on that day

  when they found her in the ditch

  Some son-of-a-bitch had had his way

  He had scratched that wicked itch

Monday, January 30, 2017

Stray Animals

  There are a lot of stray animals roaming the streets of my neighborhood.

  You can hear the cats crying at night, and of course that sets the dogs to howling.

  Then there are the squirrels tearing up the ground, and the mice who try to get in.

  Sometimes they succeed.

  I have even had an owl get in the house once; Boy, that was a hoot...excuse the pun.

  Actually the owl never hooted, because it was a screech owl, and they sound like whistling tea kettles...when they make a sound at all.

  Which makes me wonder why they are called "screech" owls.

 And then there is that damn possum that creeps in the hole in the back attic.

  It's not their fault they are homeless.

  It's not their fault they are stupid.

  But I cannot afford to let them all in. I cannot afford to feed all of these animals.

  I can barely afford to keep a roof over my head.

  All of these stray animals cause damage.

  They dig up the lawn, they break the saplings and chew the bark off the trees. They will destroy anything they cannot eat.

  And they don't speak English, so, I cannot reason with them.

  But they are stray animals and they cannot help themselves.

  There are a lot of stray criminals outside of my country.

  You can hear them trying to get in.

  They will destroy anything they cannot eat.

  They will not learn my language, or adopt the customs of my land.

  I cannot reason with them.

  But that is THEIR fault.

  They are not animals...

  ...or so I am told.

Feminist Abortion Paradox

  Often it is said that abortion is a women's rights issue and it follows that women's rights issues, like the apples of Sodom, are ripe for feminist appropriation.

 After all, feminism is all about the equality, and all about the fight against the patriarchal oppression of women.

  Feminists, like the founding fathers of the U S of A, have appropriately concerned themselves with the legal protections of an individual's right to bodily integrity, and that includes the protections of the bodily integrity of women, and mothers-to-be-or-not-to-be.

  However, nowhere in those privileged protections will you note inviolable unchallenged legal protections for the growing unborn child-to-be-or-not-to-be.

  That is because the laws were written long ago, when civilization did not have scientific evidence that the potential product of abortion was more than a random collection of unfeeling unthinking unappreciated human cells.

    And if you elect to engage in abortion debates with so-called "progressives" , "feminists", and "women's rights activists", they may tell you that that collection of unfeeling unthinking unappreciated human cells are, in fact, not human at all.

  Well if they are not human cells, than what are they?

  Since no one has ever claimed that a human fetus is a fully formed human adult, with friends, bills, and an aspiring career as a Vegas lounge act, claiming that human cells are not human is an obvious feminist straw-man.

   Just as the laws written to protect personal bodily integrity were penned long ago and are sorely in need of an update, the tenets of feminism are an antiquated relic of an ignorant past.

  Enter intersectionality, intersectional feminism and the progressive stack.

   That is where we get the derogatory notion of "white feminism", as white women are obviously not as oppressed as women of color.

   If we incorporate the sociological clusterfuhk of intersectionality and the progressive stack into the standard model of feminism, we end up with a movement that opposes the nondescript patriarchy's oppression of anyone with less privilege than that held by the patriarchy.

  That leads to the embracing of identity politics, as being a victim has value as a sign of virtue in the hierarchy of oppression.

  And that means that you do not have to be a woman to be the victim of patriarchal oppression.

  So, who IS the most oppressed group of people?

  Who is buried in the bottom of the progressive stack?

  Well, if I understand the basic concept of intersectionality, than I can posit that black women are more oppressed that white women, and...

  ...we must consider the sociological bastardization of the word "racism".

  According to intersectional feminists, racism equals privilege plus power, and that negates the possibility of an unprivileged powerless individual, or minority,  from being a racist.

    So, if the concept of patriarchal oppression remains intact, we must consider that intersectional feminism is actually about the fight for equality, and that equality includes consideration for the progressive stack.

   Using that ideological standard we can safely say that feminists are members of the patriarchy, especially the able-bodied wealthy white women.

  Then we must consider that any person lacking wealth, and any person who has any mental and/or physical defect is further down the progressive stack, and are the greatest victims of racism and patriarchal oppression.

   Where does that leave the unborn fetus?

   Often it is said that abortion is a women's rights issue, but it is not ONLY a women's rights issue.
   According to the principles of intersectional feminism, the unborn fetus is the victim at the bottom of the progressive stack.

   The fetus is a living being, and it is human, and it is helpless against the tyranny of patriarchal oppression.

   Whether you believe abortion is the right, or wrong, thing to do, abortion is murder.

  When a pregnant woman aborts her unborn fetus/child/baby, she is murdering that life form.

    Abortion is the ultimate expression of oppression.

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