Friday, November 6, 2015

Like a Fish






         trying to ride

                                         a bike

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Ashley Madison

  Damn, man,

I can't believe that Ashley Madison

took your money and ran.

  And those hackers who outed you,

      God, what a mess!

   It is probably best you confess,

  that's my guess.

   For the life of me, I can't understand it.

   You were just looking

                      for something to do.








Gender Inspecific

  To address an issue, one must first know that there is an issue.

  To know there is an issue, one must observe the issue, then analyse the phenomenon said to be an issue.

  To analyse the issue, one must have a set of normative qualities, or contradicting values which set the issue apart from that which is "non-issue".

  By issue, we mean that some thing is a problem for someone.

  Once the issue (or problem) is observed, it must be labeled for identification.

  In arguments against the fallacious notion that there exists more than two sexual genders, proponents of "multi-gender" beliefs often conflate and misrepresent words, and their meanings.

  Gender, in terms of human sexuality,  only refers to males and females, and it is only used properly in a binary system.

  Gender, as a broad nonsexual concept, represents a type, or kind, of thing.

  In discussions based on human sexuality,  psychology, and biology, the following words are synonymous:

1.) normal
2.) common

  Therefore, to state that transgenders and transsexuals are abnormal in the human species, is the same as saying transgenders and transsexuals are uncommon in the human species.

  It is not an insult to acknowledge that someone, or something, is uncommon...or abnormal.

It is not an insult to acknowledge that healthy normal human beings are not transsexuals,  or transgenders.

It is not an insult to acknowledge that transsexuals and transgenders are unhealthy and abnormal.

  This is where many trans supporters get emotional.

  Gender Identity Disorder is not a normal healthy human state.

  Whether the cause is biological, chemical, or psychological, transgenders and transsexuals are not healthy normal people.

   Still, transgenders and transsexuals are people, and it is in the best interest of all, to properly diagnose and treat the people who suffer from the disorder.

  As a civilized society we should recognize the sickness, and accept that people who suffer from it are thinking feeling human beings.

  And as sexually abnormal thinking feeling human beings, transgenders and transsexuals should accept that the vast majority of sexually normal human beings who do not have their disease, or disorder,
will find transgenders and transsexuals sexually repulsive.

  Transmen and transwomen should expect resistance, when they try to appropriate normative gender identities.

  Again, the vast majority of sexually normal healthy human beings do not want to have sexual relationships with transgenders and transsexuals.

  Conflating a trans-man with a man, and a trans-woman with a woman, only creates confusion.

  The vast majority of sexually healthy normal common human beings do not require psychology, surgery, or drugs to accept their sexually normal healthy common human condition.

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